Just a tired artist called Kevin. Here are platforms I'm on, and info on commissions.

Commission Info
Status: closed
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Flat color

Headshot 15€
Half-body 30€
Knees-up 40€
Fullbody 50€

Full render

Headshot 60€
Half-body 80€
Knees-up 100€
Fullbody 120€

Added fee:
Complex design
Additional character +80%
Background: flat color +0€ / simple +40€ / detailed +>100€
email: [email protected]
telegram: sleepypiscine
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Terms of ServiceBy commissioning the artist, you agree to the following:-Be of age 18 or over.
-Artist have full rights to the artwork, and can put it in portfolio, social media etc.
-Client can use artwork for personal use, unless discussed otherwise.
-Artist can cancel the commission for any reason. Both before starting commission and during its process.
-No refunds. If artist cancel commission and client has paid, there will be full refund.
-Payment can be fully paid upfront or half upfront, then rest once finished. Commission won't be finished until some or all payment have been received after the sketch is done.
--General info:Payment via Paypal.Will do:
-Both SFW and NSFW
-humanoids, furry, monsters, fantasy
-mecha, robots, vehicles
-pretty much anything (anything not on the "Won't do:"-list)
Won't do:
-art that promotes hate speech
-real life people
-non-consensual and/or character under age 18
-anything involving needles/syringes
-the list will be too long, so feel free to ask about kinks/fetishes.
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